When To Use a Breast Pump

A guide of when to use a breast pump

when to use a breast pump

A breast pump is a great boon for nursing mothers who find it difficult to feed their baby directly at the breast. Using this handy tool not only helps a new mother maintain the milk supply for her baby, but also relieve engorgement and helps her accumulate milk for future use. However, though new age moms have heard about a breast pump, many women still have reservations regarding its usage and effectiveness. So, if you one of those women who feel like you need more information about when to use a breast pump, take a look at this simple guide listed below.

When to Pump Breast Milk?

Having a Premature Baby

When a baby is premature, they find it difficult to generate enough suction to encourage a full breast milk supply for their mothers. Breast milk works like a natural medicine for your baby. Therefore, using a hospital grade pump can be quite beneficial in helping a mother maintain adequate supply of milk to help the baby recover quickly and return home early.

Having a baby with Medical conditions

When a baby is born with certain medical conditions such as muscle tone issue or cleft lip and palate, it makes it difficult for the little one to stimulate the milk supply. Using pumps in such situations can help maintain the milk supply to the baby.

Mothers not comfortable with breast Feeding

Due to some personal feelings or opinions, some mothers often find breastfeeding their baby simply unpalatable. In such cases, mothers can use a breast pump to express their milk and feed the baby using a bottle.

Difficult to Breastfeed

When breastfeeding makes nursing at breasts challenging, using a breast pump can prove to be quite beneficial. Apart from helping a mother maintain her milk supply even while sorting out issues with the lactation consultant; it also prevents the mother from withdrawing the supply of milk altogether, helping her baby get the benefits of breast milk.

Mother needs to return to work

A working mother is expected to return to work after giving birth. In such circumstances, a breast pump can be used to help a store the milk to be provided to the baby whenever she is away. Pumping milk helps a working mother to continue to provide milk to her infant as long as she desires.

Parents are separated

When parents of the baby are separated, using a breast pump can help a mom to express breast milk for later feedings. This can prove to be highly beneficial to help the father of the baby to continue feeding the baby with breast milk in spite of the mother’s absence.

To induce lactation for an Adopted Child

A breast pump helps induce milk production by stimulating a mother’s breast. Using a hospital grade electric breast pump is one of the best options as it helps pump both the breast at the same time. Mother’s with adopted children can gain benefit by using this tool to feed their child and bond with them. For best results, use the pump two months before you begin breast feeding.

Ease Engorgement pain

When the breasts of the mother are overly full and puffed-up with milk, using a beast pump can help her express the milk and get relieve engorgement pain. Using a breast pump helps soften severely engorged breasts and helped reduced painful inflammation.

Baby finds it difficult to latch on

When a mother’ breast is full, it can make it difficult for the baby to latch on and nurse properly. In such cases, using a breast pump can help express out some milk, making it easier for the little ones to receive breast milk for feedings.

To draw out inverted or flat Nipples

Mothers who have inverted and flat nipples often find it difficult to get their baby to latch on properly. In such circumstances, using a breast pump a few minutes before breastfeeding will help draw out the nipples, allowing the baby nurse more easily. Apart from nursing mothers, pregnant women with flat and inverted nipples can use breast pump in their first and second trimester for nipple erection.

Need milk supply for children of a multiple birth

Feeding milk to twins or other multiples can e quite demanding for a mother. Using a breast pump in such situations can be quite helpful in allowing a mother to provide breast milk to all her children, without having to nurse round the clock. Additionally, pumping often helps increase the supply of milk, making it convenient for a mother to feed all her babies appropriately.

Relieving Mastitis

If you are a woman suffering from mastitis, using a breast pump can be highly beneficial in relieving mastitis.

To Use Breast milk as a supplement fee

If a baby requires some extra feeds to help stay full, using a breast pump can help mothers to use breast milk as supplement feed instead of using baby formula.

Store milk

Mothers can use a breast up to store milk and use the store milk during times of emergencies or when they are taking medications.

Donate Extra breast milk to milk bank

While some mother’s produce abundant milk, there are some who find it difficult to produce sufficient amount milk. By using a breast pump, mothers who produce extra milk can choose to donate the surplus to those babies who do not have any access to breast milk.

When to use a Breast Pump: Tips

  • Most women get milk in their breast in the mornings. Using a breast pump in the morning will ensures that you obtain maximum amount of milk.
  • When using a breast pump, try pumping at least an hour before nursing. This will help you get enough milk for your baby at your next feeding.
  • A breast pump can be also be used just before the baby wants to feed. Some babies are patient and will feed longer until they feel full.

You can find more tips on breastfeeding on this article “Tips for Breast Feeding and How Often Can One Breast Pump

Finding out when to use a breast pump benefits both the baby and the mother. While it helps the mother provide milk to the baby at all times, it helps the baby receive nutritious food for good health. Learning when to use a breast pump can help mothers maintain their milk supply and provide their baby with all the nourishment required for proper growth.

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