The Ultimate Guide Of Tips For Breast Pumping

Looking for Tips For Breast Pumping?

The most obvious reasons why moms choose to breast pump is to collect milk so that their baby can still have it even when they are not together and to maintain or increase milk supply when you are together. For you to start depending on pumped milk, it is important you practice breast pumping for a few weeks before relying on it totally. Breast pumping is a skill which when you equip yourself with, you will able to stimulate milk ejection reflex, ease sore nipples, produce more milk and make pumping more convenient. Apart from tips for breast pumping which moms can rely on to have best results, they still would want to know how often they should breast pump.


How often should a mom breast pump?

How often to pump milk depends on whether you want to build up milk supply while still together with your baby or whether you are back to work and you need to collect and store milk for your baby. If yours is the first case, breast pumping only once daily is enough to stimulate higher milk production. If yours is the second case, the recommendation is that you breast pump once for each missed feeding. For example, three times for a standard 8-hour work day. This however, has to be adjusted to fit your schedule and baby’s need. For example, if the baby nurses infrequently, pumping may be needed more often.

Tips for breast pumping which can yield success for you

Discussed below are some tips for breast pumping which can help you to achieve three things: stimulate milk let down, increase amount of milk produced and to make pumping a more convenient activity.

To stimulate milk ejection reflex

Have a routine for breast pumping.

Setting up a routine for pumping is among the most effective pumping tips. Doing the whole process the same way each time goes a long way in conditioning the milk ejection reflex. Pump at the same place, on the same chair, prepare your equipment in the same manner and take the same beverage each time. Following this set routine is effective in stimulating milk let down.

Massage your breasts before pumping.

A gentle massage on your breast before pumping not only works milk down closer to the nipples but also may stimulate its ejection. From your armpit, make small circles on the breast tissue using your fingertips. In a spiral pattern, slightly move around your breast and work your way down to the areola. Follow this with a progression of long strokes from your chest wall all the way to the areola and reach the entire breast. Repeat this for the other breast, you will have stimulated your ejection reflex for milk let down.

Imagine yourself pumped up’.

It is good to visualize something that could resemble what you want to do. You could visualize flowing streams and rivers moving towards the ocean as you do the pumping. Imagine of something that can help to stimulate milk let down while pumping. For example, why can’t you imagine yourself as a milk fountain?

Look for something around you to remind you about the baby.

While pumping, it is a good idea to imagine the picture of your baby. You could bring their dolls, piece of clothing or their blankets while pumping so that you can enjoy their smell. You could also stimulate milk let down by looking at a picture of your baby while breast pumping.

To pump more milk

Pump as frequent as your baby nurses.

The more you pump, the more milk is produced. If your baby nurses every three hours, pump as often. If this is not producing enough milk as you want, consider pumping more frequently. Pumping more frequently is more effective in producing more milk than having fewer long pumping sessions.

Have an extra session early in the morning

Pumping milk at the time you have most milk produces more milk. The time you have the highest milk levels is early in the morning. It is therefore advisable that if you are aiming at producing more milk to pump it when you wake up early in the morning.

Check the pump settings to ensure it fits you

Force alone does not make your pump get a lot of milk from you. Having a stronger suction does not guaranteed you more milk. It could even mean that you are damaging and paining your breasts. It is important to note that getting more milk from your pump is not just about the settings, it is about imitating your baby. Set the pump settings to fit your baby. For example, how is the strength of suction when your baby is nursing? Tailor your pump to match this and see whether the suction feels better on you and whether it produces more milk.

As you nurse your baby on one breast, pump on the other one. (For Breast Pump Comparison Chart Click Here)

As the baby nurses on one breast, it stimulates milk let down. This comes handy when pumping on the other breast to stimulate more milk production. Pumping on a breast while nursing your baby is easier done with an electric pump than a manual one.

Double pump

This is whereby you pump both breasts simultaneously. Pumping your breasts at the same time increases the level of prolactin in your blood and hence more milk is produced.

To make pumping more convenient

Two-piece outfits allow easy access to breasts.

Dress for pumping comfort. Invest in tops which can be pulled up easily from the bottom. Look for nursing blouses or tops which have camouflaged openings for you to access breasts easily.

Pump while you are leaning forward

You do not want to drip milk on your clothes while breast pumping. Leaning forward prevents this from happening.

Apply some soothing cream for sore nipples

If your nipples are sore, you can think of applying some amount of emollient to sooth and heal them. Soften the emollient between the figures and then pat it gently on the nipples to ease the sores for a more comfortable pumping.

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